Massimo Ferrero, chairman of Serie A club Sampdoria, said in an interview with Radio Capital, a radio station in Rome: “The new crown virus can’t kill people! So the Serie A stadium should be opened as soon as possible. I don’t say all are open, there should be 30%. Our home stadium, Marassie Stadium, is beautiful, with a capacity of 45,000 people. In fact, only 15,000 people can't see the audience, so 30% is at least the ratio.

意甲俱乐部桑普多利亚俱乐部主席马西莫·费雷罗(Massimo Ferrero)在接受罗马广播电台Radio Capital采访时说:“这种新的冠状病毒无法杀死人!因此,意甲体育场应尽快开放。我不是说所有人都开放,应该有30%。我们的主体育场Marassie Stadium非常漂亮,可容纳45,000人。实际上,只有15,000人看不到观众,因此30%至少是NBA赛事竞猜该比例。

I am facing the existence of the new crown virus. It is not improper, but don't panic too much. We have enough ways to resist the virus and protect ourselves from infection. We should learn to coexist with the virus. Otherwise, why would Serie A and European competitions still play? I produce movies. Many movie theaters have been forced to close, but football is still playing, but the authorities and health departments are asked to figure out how to protect the players. I don't listen to the words of health experts and doctors from all walks of life. They all say their own opinions, and they often contradict each other. Do you think civilians dare to believe it? "

我正面临着新的冠状病毒的存在。这不是不适当的,但不要太惊慌。我们有足够的方法抵抗病毒并保护自己不受感染。我们应该学会与病毒共存。否则,为什么还要继续参加意甲和欧洲比赛?我制作电影。许多电影院被迫关闭,但足球比赛仍在继续,但是当局和卫生部门被要求弄清楚如何保护运动员。我不听各界健康专家和医生的话。他们都发表自己的看法,而且常常相互矛盾。您认为平民敢于相信吗? ”

The “new crown virus undead” is really absurd. On Wednesday alone, Italy’s newly diagnosed 7,332 people hit a six-year high with 43 deaths. The tougher new Prime Minister's Law has come into effect and has achieved significant results, and the number of citizens on the streets of Rome has decreased significantly. As of the deadline for Serie A, there were 31 positive players in the 10 teams. Genoa still has a maximum of 10 people, but 4 fewer than the previous day. Good news. Inter Milan followed with 6 people, again Parma 4 people, Juventus Milan Naples are 2 people. Samp is very powerful, and he is in the same city as Genoa, the hardest hit area, but Samp has no diagnosis. The interview with Candreva, a new player from Inter Milan, is quite domineering, "Let Samp fly with Quagliarella."


Ferrero was born in Rome and has always been a fan of the Red Wolves. He publicly stated that he would not participate in the race for mayor of Rome, "I am not qualified yet," and he has no intention of acquiring Palermo. The proposal to open the stadium 25% has been rejected by CTS, Italy's highest health agency for epidemic prevention. Currently, the maximum number of people in each game is 1,000. The Serie A health agreement is that only 10 people from the first team can apply for a postponement of the match, while Serie B is downgraded, and 9 people can apply. 7 players of Monza of Bay Holdings were diagnosed and 2 players were isolated.

费雷罗(Ferrero)出生于罗马,一直是红狼队的粉丝。他公开表示,他不会参加罗马市长竞选,“我还没有资格”,NBA赛事竞猜他无意收购巴勒莫。提议将体育场开放25%的提议已被意大利最高的防疫卫生机构CTS拒绝。当前,每个游戏中的最大人数为1,000。意甲健康协议规定,一线队只有10个人可以申请推迟比赛,而乙级联赛则被降级,只有9个人可以申请。诊断了海湾控股的Monza of Bay Holdings的7位玩家,并隔离了2位玩家。

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