Chelsea’s new aid Thiago Silva talked about his feelings about joining the Premier League in an interview. He said: “I didn’t want to come to the Premier League before because I was impressed by long passes here.”

切尔西的新援蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)在接受采访时谈到了自己加入英超的感受。他说:“我以前不想参加英超联赛,因为这里的长传给我留下了深刻的印象。”

Thiago Silva said in an interview: "I never thought I would come to the Premier League, because from my personal point of view, the style of football here is difficult."

蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)在接受采访时说:“我从没想过要参加英超联赛,因为从我个人的角度来看,这里的足球风格很难。”

"I never thought about joining the Premier League, because my impression of football here is always a long pass. I really didn't think I would play here before."


"I think the feature here is the long pass, which doesn't attract me. I know how to play this style of football, but I prefer to walk on the ground. I know my strength."


"But the Premier League has won my heart bit by bit. Anyone who knows me can confirm this."


Speaking of Paris’s retention of himself, Silva said: “To be honest, this only started during the suspension period.”


"Leonardo called me and asked me to extend my contract for two months to complete the Champions League final. I said, ‘OK, no problem.’ Because I want to stay in the team."


"I want to finish the work that has already started. So my idea is that after the Champions League, I will leave. I will definitely discuss this with my agent and we need to consider my other options in the future."


"After the Champions League, I returned to Paris and I had a meeting with Leonardo to discuss my ideas and the possibility of staying."


"But on the Monday after the Champions League, I talked to my agent and agreed to Chelsea's invitation. I had already made a decision."


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