nba比赛买球在哪里买_为拼积分西本拳太冒险参赛 希望丹麦赛有所发挥


News from October 11, Beijing time, the Danish Open is about to start tomorrow. Kenta Nishimoto will become Japan’s only men’s singles player. Kenta Nishimoto, who is currently ranked 17th in Olympic points, said frankly that although he doesnNBA赛事竞猜’t know if he can earn points by participating in the Danish Open. But I still competed with the mentality of fighting for points.


   In the Japanese team, Kento Momota, the world's No. 1 team, has secured a seat for the Olympic Games. Kenta Nishimoto competes with Kanta Tsuneyama, who is ranked 12th in Olympic points, for another seat. Kenta Nishimoto, who is currently at a disadvantage in points, hopes to achieve good results in the Danish Open and score correspondingly good points so that he can be in a better position in the 2021 season to compete for the Olympic seat with Changshan Kanta .

在日本队中,世界第一的桃田贤斗已经获得了奥运会席位。西本健太(Kenta Nishimoto)与在奥运积分中排名第12位的关山刚山(Kanta Tsuneyama)竞争另一个席位。目前在积分榜上处于劣势的西本健太希望在丹麦公开赛中取得良好的成绩,并取得相应的好成绩,以便他能够在2021赛季中处于更好的位置,与常山坎塔争夺奥运席位。

   Kenta Nishimoto said that he didn’t know if the Danish Open could be successfully held, but he decided to participate in order to participate in the last World Badminton Tournament this year and gain a few points.


"I hope to work hard while feeling the atmosphere of the game. I have hesitated to retire before, but I still consider it positively. Although I was the only one participating in the men's singles of the Japanese team this time, I think everyone has different ideas. , I just hope to stand on my own ground and work hard with a feeling of gratitude not to forget."


   "Even if the environment changes, the posture of hard work will not change much. Now I try to change the environment to train. I want to give full play to my strength in the game." (Eden)

“即使环境改变了,努力工作的姿势也不会改变很多。现在我尝试改变环境进行训练。我想充分发挥自己在比赛中的实力。” (伊甸园)

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